Sunday 22 January 2017

There was so many things I’d planned to get done this weekend but as per usual nothing goes to plan and I only got a couple of things done. The kids still have a bad cough, and I feel really drained, as if someone’s just emptying all my energy and dumping it somewhere ( if anyone has stolen it I’d like it back please! ). 

 I fell asleep with the kids again yesterday and this morning I woke up feeling as if I’d spent the night out, headache and old makeup still on my face. Hmm, starting to think my body is running away and doing things without me at night, that would certainly explain the lack of energy. 

Two pound for three rides don’t sound to bad right? Don’t fall for it, those three rides lasted a whole 15 seconds total.

Typical sunday, over energetic Zack still in his pyjamas, and Jasper just wanting to join in on whatever’s going on.

How to survive: coffee coffee and coffee 

Friday 20th January 2017

It’s Friday, the suns shining it would be a lovely day if it wasn’t for the horrible cough that’s plaguing the little ones.  Their currently sleeping and coughing in turns. 

I feel so helpless when their like this and there’s not really much I can do. Luckily so far, it’s only a cough and no other symptoms. So I’m hoping it’s going to clear up very soon. Oh! Little ones awake.

Thursday 19th January 2017

We’ve got a new car! I love it, finally we have space in the boot! 

Just had to say that before anything else. I’ve rearranged in the living room today and made some minor changes in the kitchen. Just rearranged all of the furniture in the living room to make it a little more friendly for the little ones. So it’s now easier for them to get to their toys. I also put a weekly planner up in the kitchen and swapped out the old washing basket for a new one.  Really trying to make home a little more like home, and so far so good. I really enjoy decorating around the house aswell so it’s been a good day. 

17th January 2017

Morning! We’ve just had breakfast. 

Zack slept in a little this morning, so everything has been a little bit delayed, kinda makes it feel like it’s Sunday. 

Today is the first day of my healthier life style, meaning no more Coca Cola or any type of fizzy drink. And no more takeaway, crisps, or sweets. And I’ll be eating smaller portions. Aswell as going for walks more often ( not when the weathers bad though, you won’t see my out in bad weather ). If I know myself right it will be/ I will be a nightmare the first few days but after that I’ll be fine, I generally adapt quite quickly.

Feeling blue

Looks like I’ll be having blue/green hair for the next month at least. I’m not happy about it, but there’s not much I can do other then wait. 

Jaspers happily asleep next to me and Zacks downstairs with daddy, he was just too bouncy to go to sleep. 

Tomorrow I’m starting to eat a little healthier, it’s been too many unhealthy things just recently, and if I feel unhealthy, it affects my mood and the way I feel physically. So I’m looking forward to it, not been feeling well at all just recently.

Getting rid of blue hair stage 1,2 and 3

So what I didn’trealise when I made the stupid decision to put blue in my hair (because it will wash out anyway) was that its a right pain it the a** to get rid of. And I’m not rid of it yet but I found i couldn’t find enough information on getting rid of blue hair so I thought id share my experience. So I’ve tried a few things, the first thing i did was just wash my hair over and over again with clarifying shampoo, I also tried leaving it in and using the hair dryer to apply heat but I didn’t find that made much of a difference. Washing it over and over again did get rid of some of it to begin with but after so many washes I just found that nothing else was coming out. After that I also tried about everything I had at home like washing detergent, vinegar, sudocreme (don´t ask I was desperate), the fading schampoo from the pixie lott hair dye, my moisturising cream, mens shower gel, baby bath, baby wipes, facial wipes, nail varnish remover, milk, washing up liquid ( just to add I did all of this on a strand test).  I don’t recommend doing any of this, it didn’t make any difference, and id imagine its not very healthy either.  After all that I decided to try the vitamin B treatment. So I got the cheapest vitamin B and dandruff schampoo I could find. I crushed about 10-14 tablets up and just poured some dandruff schampoo in, I dint really use any measurements or anything. Anyway after mixing it all up I applied it to dry hair and then put a plastic bag on my head, and be warned it will drip. I did this twice, and it definitely made a difference. However it dried my hair out.  And colour b4 did nothing. So, so far vitamin b is the best. And I’ll be doing another one tomorrow.

January 16th 2017

Good morning! Hope your well! Don’t worry I’m in a better mood this morning then I was last night.

Ive been on the go most of the morning and now I´m sitting down drinking my coffee whilst Jaspers having a nap and Ryan is giving Zack a bath. I think most of the day will be spent sorting things out at home, doing some shopping, and hopefully de-blueing my hair. I´ll tell you more about that later.

Also exciting things are happening, we have bought a new car. So we will be picking that up in a couple of days. We needed more space with two kids the double pushchair and bits and bobs, it didn’t really give much room for shopping or anything else really. So very excited! But also highly disappointed because it hasn’t got heated seats. I like my bum warm, and toasted, like a rump roast.